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Services I Provide For My Clients

I can help you in this particular areas.

1:1 Coaching

  • Self-Esteem
  • Traumas
  • Depression
  • Anger Issues

Family Coaching

  • Co parenting 
  • Grief
  • Divorce
  • Pre Adoption prep 
  • Post Adoption prep

Couples Coaching

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Healing after an Affair

Teen Coaching

  • Depression
  • Dealing with identity
  • Coping with issues with substance abuse
  • Impulse Control


— About Me

Hello, nice to meet you!

I help individuals to become their best version.

Elizabeth Somboun believes that everyone despite their past can be the best versions of themselves. She willing works with individuals, couples, and families as a whole to ensure that everyone's soul is healthy, happy, and thriving!

Elizabeth Somboun


Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.

"Elizabeth is a full hearted listener. Provides authenticity that never feels rushed or pushed over. Afterwards, our conversations I feel lighter and I have a better perspective on my next step. This is beneficial. Contact Elizabeth for your benefit"

Jose M.

Business Owner

"Elizabeth has truly made me feel more empathetic towards my wife - and because of this - i was more prepared to change. Her coping strategies have enabled me to accept the pain I am in and focus my energy to other positive family activities."


District Manager of Sales

"Your strategies are so unconventional for modern day therapy yet its so powerful"

Aiodhan C.

Business Owner

"You are a gem too.
Strong kind and supportive.
Thank You"

Jonny S.

Fitness Coach

"This in regards to anyone who may be wanting to hire Elizabeth Somboun. I know her as Faith. Sometimes Marianne. I prefer Faith because to us who have known her for 23 years, since Gary Job Corps, that nickname is the essence of who she is. She has been through much and overcome always believing there is better."

Taylor Olson

Founder & CEO

"Elizabeth is a mist nicest lady I have ever met, she's down to earth respect and love helping people all around the world. I wish some many people could be like her the world would be a better place to live in. In summary you are a gift to humanity."

John I.

Portrait Artist

41 Benefits of Working with Elizabeth Somboun

1. Someone who is authentic!
2. Someone who will give you solid advice!
3. Someone who can relate to what you are going through!
4. Someone who is understanding about your culture and needs!
5. Someone who will check on you throughout the week!
6. Someone who will be your cheerleader!
7. Someone who will teach you ancient truths with a modern twist!
8. Someone who will call you out when you have stinky thinking!
9. Someone who will get you resources!
10. Someone who works and will wake up in the dead of night and work in your time zone!
11. Someone who won’t let you quit!
12. Someone who can shut the hell up and listen!
13. Someone who can help your family as a whole!
14. Someone who will give your life amazing perspective!
15. Someone who will go above and beyond to get you hooked up to resources in your area!
16. Someone who will mend your heart, mind,soul, and put you back together!
17. Someone who believes no matter what you are amazing!
18. Someone who will help figure out your purpose!
19. Someone who will help you communicate better!
20. Someone who help you muddle through your tremendous grief!
21. Someone who will celebrate your successes!
22. Someone who accepts you as you are!
23. Someone who can help find yourself when you are lost!
24. Someone who will be your life long friend!
25. Someone who will help you co-parent!
26. Someone who will help you fight for your marriage!
27. Someone who will tell you to let go!
28. Someone who will help you organize time!
29. Someone who will help you understand how your teen thinks!
30. Someone who will help you avoid the pitfalls!
31. Someone who will boast your self esteem!
32. Someone who will help you get your spark back!
33. Someone who prays for you when the session ends!
34. Someone who wants the very best for you!
35. Someone who will bring back the imagination and spark into your household!
36. Someone who has an expansive network to help with fitness goals!
37. Someone who will research something for hours just to get you the right answer!
38. Someone who takes time to message you to think about a good solution that fits your personality!
39. Someone who plans things to fit your needs and will fly anywhere to do it! (Last Minute Retreat Planning)
40. Someone who will mediate for you!
41. Someone who gives herself out so her client has the best life imaginable!

Ready to start?

Let’s do this! Prioritize yourself. You deserve a wonderful life!

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

How it works?

3 Steps to Relationship Success

It all starts with a single first step.


Finding the roots of the problematic Behavior

Most problematic behavior is stemmed from trauma, dealing with the hurt of any trauma is the first step to fixing the deep rooted issues.


Receive amazing communication skills

Having the skills to communicate effectively will improve your relationships.


Work on building the trust that was lost

Without trust, relationships, will crumble, building trust that was lost will ensure that you have an amazing relationship.

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3 Steps that I Discovered to Hack Relationship Success

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